NORCAN is a network of law enforcement crime analysts, intelligence analysts, private-sector analysts, commissioned officers, and those interested in crime analysis. NORCAN consists of members from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Colorado, and Canada. Past members have been from Wyoming, Alaska, and Montana.


NORCAN started when several Washington State law enforcement crime analysts met for the first time in 2000. It has since grown into a multi-state, multi-national regional network with over one hundred members and growing.

Our goal is to be a resource to local crime analysts and help our members through information sharing and providing assistance and training. We are still growing as an organization and look forward to continued opportunities in the future.



How do I become a member of the Northwest Regional Crime Analyst Network? Membership is open to current crime analysts and may be open to others under other conditions as laid out in our by-laws.

Remember, if you join during our annual enrollment period and select dual membership, you will be a member of both NORCAN and the IACA.

For information on becoming a member of NORCAN, Please contact Alisha Grow, Vice President of Membership, by clicking on the Networking, Documents & Links link and filling out the NORCAN Membership Form PDF or write to  membership@norcan.us.